"Technology opens a whole new world of possibilities of learning..." 



August Summer Camps

26-30 Aug (still open)

** 10% discount when you book for more than one camp. **

Overview: This camp will introduce students to the latest technology tools and coding skills, robotics, mob app development, game development tools and much more.

The programs are mostly hands-on and project-based taught by high quality and caring instructors. We follow ratio of 8:1 students to instructors with maximum of 10 students in one class. We require minimum sign up of 5 to run a class.

Location: The Cribb (Technlogy Co-working space) Al Quoz 1 (map)

                 right next to JustPlay (old football center)

For more info call us on 052.721.9211 or email to info@MakersBuilders.com

Camps   1,260 AED (incl 5% VAT)

9 am to 12 noon, 5-days

Adventures in Coding & Robotics (Ages 6 - 10, mixed levels)


Building cool games, designing characters, generating music and draw math art - unlock the power of computer coding, while enhancing analytical and logical thinking of your child at a very young age. We use visual coding tools like Scratch and Tynker. From our past experience, this class is most loved amongst students since it gives them the freedom to explore their creativity and have fun at the same time. Combined with Robotics, Children will learn basic programming by building a robot and creating simple programs to control the robot.  Children will experiment with reading data from the robot sensors and develop programs to control robot action and activation of lights, motors, buzzer, line tracker, etc. 

Mobile App Development (Ages 10 - 15)


The objective of this course is to make app development as inclusive and straightforward as possible so kids can bring their ideas to life. Students with a non-technical background are empowered to create apps and games with ease using Visual Programming interface. Students will use online tools like MIT App Inventor to develop and test apps. We encourage students to bring their ideas to life and upload their apps to the Google App Store with paid accounts by the end of the course.

Creative Robotics with Arduino (Ages 10 - 15)


Get introduced to open source Arduino boards, sensors, motors, wheels, connecting wires, driver IC and many more electronic components. Get to know about the kit and prepare yourself to step into the world of invention. No prior coding or electronic knowledge and experience required. Students can purchase Robot Arduino kit to take home for AED 300.

Students will build a number of different electronic gadgets and remote controlled robot with wheels/motors, distance sensor and line follower detection.

Camp Location:

The Cribb (Technology Co-Working Space)

Right next to JustPlay (old Footbal Center), Al Quoz 1

15 A Street, Manara Street, Near Burjeel Hospital Behind Ace Hardware، Al Quoz 1 - Dubai