Build & Code Your Own Robot - School Workshop

For Grade 3 to 5, Year 4 to 6

This guide is intended for primary school teachers that are looking to augment their curriculum and class activities with engaging technology and coding programs.


The guide provides teacher information and sample sign-up sheet to assist teachers in organizing fun, creative and innovative class sessions.


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Teacher's Guide

JUNKBOT is an award-winning STEM product and service provider, enabling the young minds to make real life working robots from practically anything. It transforms house hold objects such as plastic bottles and old CDs, wooden spoons or cardboard into unique, imaginative robots that can be programmed for a variety of functions – and at different level of skills.


As student delight in making new shapes come alive, they will learn the core STEAM concepts of analytical thinking, problem solving, prototyping, lateral thinking and critical thinking.  They will design, build and program their own robot using everyday for whatever function desired. No previous technical experience is required.


Recommended workshop duration is about 10 hours divided in five sessions of 1.5 hour duration.  The scheduling and workshop content can be tailored to fit the needs of your grade and school timetable.  We provide all the required electronics and hardware for the workshops. If students desired to keep the hardware and take home then we can provide our Junkbot robot kit for AED 299.

Activity Description & Outcome:


  • Learning about what makes a computer a computer - inputs, outputs, processing, storage

  • How electricity flows and circuits are made.

  • What is a micro controller like Arduino and how it works.

  • How do sensors work.

  • How software program controls hardware.

  • Connecting it all together – software and hardware

  • Coding simple sensor control, e.g. motion, lights, moving, obstacle detection

  • Engineering and assembling a robot parts

  • Experimenting with different coding logic.

  • From ideation, design to build – innovation cycle



  • 30-days advance booking.

  • Recommend class sizes of no more than 25 students. Several classes can be scheduled to address an entire grade level.

  • Student dedicated or shared access to desktops/laptops, e.g. IT Lab or classroom with computers

  • Project/screen

  • Adequate table/work space depending on the number of students.

  • Per participating student workshop fee AED 350.

About Junkbot

  • HQ in Dubai. Forbes listed company.

  • Provides STEM products and services to K-12 e.g. workshops, tech camps, etc.

  • Official partner of DEWA for annual Robotics Innovation competition.

  • Makers of Junkbot EduKit product


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