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MakersBuilders’ Robotics, Coding and Electronics workshops aim at kindling the innovator and problem solver in participants through an involving, innovating and fun environment.

Intelligent Robotics with Coding (Ages 7 - 14)

Course Overview

Children will learn basic programming by building a robot (mbot) and creating simple programs to control the robot. Visual Programming software is used to show children computer science principles. Children will experiment with reading data from the robot sensors and develop programs to control robot action and activation of lights, motors, buzzer, line tracker, etc. 


What is mBot ?

mBot is an all-in-one solution for kids to enjoy the hands-on experience about coding, electronics, and robotics. Working with mBlock inspired by Scratch 2.0, controlled by wireless modules (Bluetooth/2.4G wireless serial), this easy-to-assemble mBot provides infinite possibilities for your kid to learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). 

Visual Coding

Drag-and-drop graphical coding software mBlock developed based on Scratch 2.0 provides a quick way for kids to learn programming, control the robot, and realize multiple functions from the robot

Example Projects

Line Follower, Traffic Cop, Autonomous Robot, Motion Detector, Footballer, Obstacle avoidance etc. 

No Previous Coding Experience Required


The Intelligent Robotics - Beginner workshop adopts the following tentative agenda:


Getting Started with Robotics

This session gives a brief exposure about the robot, takes participants through the robot building process, gives  brief overview of its functionality and strengthens fundamental concepts.


Basic Programming - Project 1 and Project 2

This session briefs on the basic projects to start programming the robot as desired.


Motion Control Programming - Project 3

This session introduces the concepts of motion control of the robot.


Obstacle Avoidance and Line Patrol Programming - Project 4 and Project 5

This session expands on the trivial obstacle avoidance and line patrolling programs through projects.


Showdown Events

The final session is an open ended session aimed at application of all the concepts learnt through races, obstacle courses, robot football match etc.


The successful completion of the Intelligent Robotics – Beginner workshop will equip participants with the basic knowledge and understanding about Robotic Concepts and Programming.