Minecraft makes you think!

Fantasy World Building to enhance creativity

World Building with Minecraft

(ages 6 - 10)


Minecraft is a very popular game among all ages alike. It's not just a game where one mindlessly shoot at bad guys or collect coins. It is a game that allows kids to explore a world that is virtual and safe. Minecraft is a rich and stimulating learning experience for most kids when played in moderation and withthe right guidance. It is being used in various schools and even organizations around the world to teach science, engineering, literacy and much more.

Minecraft is a construction - based game mainly and hence will allow our kids build creative worlds or replicate real landscapes virtually in class. We aim to bring like minded children together to work in a collaborative environment on one of their favorite games, building iconic world elements. It will encourage them to think logically, since the game helps develop and reward high level thinking. We hope that this will be a gateway for social interaction, arts, story-telling, history, community & creativity building.