Solve complex problem, Create change,

Think like an Entrepreneur

Introduction to Design Thinking workshop will open new ways of problem solving in the most fun and creative process. 

Introduction to Design Thinking (ages 12+)



"Design is not how it looks like, or feels like. Design is how it works" — Steve Jobs, ex CEO of Apple


Design Thinking is a process to realize the ‘real’ problem and discover new, relevant solutions that create positive impact. It involves a process for unlocking innovation that has become an essential tool in business today. Utilizing the methodology that involves putting the people's needs first, problem solvers start to deeply understand and empathize with the people, and learn to prototype quickly to gain insights for possible solutions.

During the workshop, students will be going through a series of individual and group exercises in order to solve a given challenge. They will learn to shift perspectives and get familiar with different ways to gather information; all that is required to solve a problem realistically. This will open up their minds and make them feel optimistic about creating change and hence will bring them one step closer to thinking like an entrepreneur.

About Orikami Lab: 

Orikami Lab is a highly recognized innovation design hub in Dubai, that uses and practices design thinking to simplify problems and create solutions that put people at the center.


  • Get introduced to Design Thinking methodology from Stanford University

  • Understand the user-oriented processes and steps for problem solving such as;

    • Human-centered-design and user personas, empathy, user research

    • Idea generation and scenario mapping

    • Prototyping the design (service, product, system)



- Students will progress through a series of exercises.

- Students will learn to solve a real world challenge.

- Students will learn to prototype ideas in a quick and cost-effective way.